Together, We Stand Alone

by Brian Sloan

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This is a poetry-music album concept, and either is a song based on a poem I've writtten, or inspired by one. Each song that came directly from a written poem will be accompanied by the words on the info page. Unlike the focus for most of my other songs, this album is stepping away from "unsettling and creepy" to a more "sad and dramatic" tone. As always, I want my music to evoke emotion, and dramatic sounds can be more flexible to the image they give being more general.


released June 16, 2013



all rights reserved


Brian Sloan Columbia, South Carolina

Inspired by works of Akira Yamaoka and Daniel Licht, Brian Sloan uses electronica with laid-back grooves to create dark and suspenseful pieces. His background playing drums lays the foundation for his drum parts, and the melody is inspired by suspense/horror genres, namely Resident Evil and Silent Hill. ... more

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Track Name: Our Lives...Discarded
"When it comes to the bottom line, it's about choice
though we all talk the talk, our walk shows of what we forsake,
we've discarded our lives, what really matters, leaving them empty
instead of taking it back as we should, we turn and flee
How many Fathers now, have run away?
leaving desperate lives behind, caught up in the fray
how can you leave what's most precious of all behind?
yet we do it every day, our own blood, our own kind
children given half a chance with half of their home there
and they use their whole life searching for what wasnt there
its more and more frequent, from day to day,
being selfish and stubborn, determined to do it "your way"
and there's more and more children, yet less fathers to stay
your supposed to be a sanctuary for them to confide,
yet you only made one for yourself, because its easeir to hide
you can run from responsibility but its always gonna be there
you cruelly reminded them early how life isn't fair
so fathers, make it a little bit closer to fair
now is always the time to pick up the pieces
swallow your pride, its not too late to stop all the grieving
come home to your children, Fathers, though it may be hard
but the best things don't come easy, its time you mended the scars.
So come home.
Track Name: Carousel's Childish Lament
We see a child's faith, and look at it as naivety
that they only haven't faced disappointment in their life
yet I envy them, having so much trust in things unseen
we should be jealous of their wonderment
envy their courage, admire their strength

oh to be a child again
I long for that feeling, ever joyous at all things new
instead of approaching the unfamiilar with disdain
as we do now, afraid of change, inflexible to rearrange
their wililngness and zeal, so much appeal

to have that child like faith again
i would give anything
Track Name: Scarlet
how deep was it?
pierced in your hands and feet?
yet you still cried out forgive them
And what’s more
is that if you lived through it all
you would have went through more
for me
would have died a thousand times
for me

I should be the one
with metal in my hands
I should be the one
with splinters in my back
I should be the one
with a circle of pain on my head
Yet to You
We’re all worth it.

You spilled out your blood
scarlet spots of love cascading from that tree
the red stain of your mercy
washes me clean
how can I compare?
to this display of mercy
what have i done to deserve
this scarlet gif of love?
this scarlet gift of love does not compare to me

I want to see this world
through your eyes
I want to show them all Your love
make truth of, all these lies
Who am I to compromise Your love?
Sometimes we try to widen Your narrow road
Who am I to do that?
And be scared of what others think
After what you did for us
Being ridiculed is an honor